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This page is a mix of mobile resources here the Library, selected free resources, and selected commercial links.



Archimedesapple_icon.pngandroid_icon.pngblackberry_icon.jpg palm_icon.jpg  windows_mobile_icon.png     
(go to Skyscape and search “Archimedes," there are two versions: free and fee) – Free Archimedes has about 150 medical calculators and converters. 

MDCalc Desktop & mobile website

Differential Diagnosis - Signs, Symptoms, and Laboratory Tests

Diagnosaurus  apple_icon.pngandroid_icon.png 
Differential diagnosis tool for single findings.
Diagnosaurus is part of the Access Medicine App. The app is free to download, but requires a free MyAccess personal account to log in. Full details can be found here

VisualDx apple_icon.pngandroid_icon.png
Differential diagnosis tool for multiple findings that include an image.
Use Library’s “Databases” link for desktop/laptop access to register for Mobile version.  Apps for Apple and Android devices can be downloaded using link on main Visual Dx page.

Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests apple_icon.pngandroid_icon.png
The Pocket Guide is part of the Access Medicine App. The app is free to download, but requires a free MyAccess personal account to log in. Full details can be found here


Drug Information

Epocrates Rx
Drug, disease, and ID reference.
The free version of Epocrates provides access to drugs, interactions, pill IDs, and calculators. Epocrates Essentials is no longer free to students but can be purchased at a 50% discount ($79.99 per year). Instructions on how to receive the 50% discount can be accessed here.

Use Library’s “Databases” link for desktop/laptop access. Click on the "Mobile App Access" link at the top of right sidebar for download instructions. Free registration is required.  

The Medical Library does not have a current subscription to Micromedex, but desktop/laptop access is available at IU Health and Eskenazi Hospitals. From these locations, click on the mobileMicromedex link at the top of the main page for download instructions. 

Johns Hopkins ABX Guide apple_icon.pngandroid_icon.pngblackberry_icon.jpgwindows_mobile_icon.png
Use Library’s “Databases” link for desktop/laptop access, on the ABX Guide page, click on the "Mobile" link on the top menu bar. Free registration required.  

Johns Hopkins HIV Guide apple_icon.pngandroid_icon.pngblackberry_icon.jpgwindows_mobile_icon.png
Use Library’s “Databases” link for desktop/laptop access, on the ABX Guide page, click on the "Mobile" link on the top menu bar. Free registration required.  

Natural Standard

Evidence-based complementary and alternative therapies.
An abbreviated mobile version can be downloaded free by registering at


A nice complement to Stedman's with over 1500 medical eponyms.apple_icon.pngandroid_icon.pngblackberry_icon.jpgpalm_icon.jpgwindows_mobile_icon.png
$1.99/year via Skyscape 

Evidence Based

TRIP (Mobile Website)
Clinical search engine designed to allow clinicians to quickly find answers to their clinical questions using the best available evidence.


APPRISOR  apple_icon.pngblackberry_icon.jpgpalm_icon.jpgwindows_mobile_icon.png

Good source for many nicely formatted professional guidelines (e.g., from AHA, ACP, ACCP).

National guideline clearinghouse
NGC Guideline Summaries are available in HTML format downloadable to hand-held devices. To download a specific summary in HTML, click the "HTML" link at the top of a summary's page. The page also links to other organizations that provide downloadable versions of their guidelines.

Electronic Preventive Services Selector (ePSS) apple_icon.pngandroid_icon.pngblackberry_icon.jpgpalm_icon.jpgwindows_mobile_icon.png
Find recommendations by patient's age, sex, and selected behavioral risk factors.


Mobile App Reviews and Listings

National Library of Medicine Mobile Resource Listing
Each resource varies on whether is it is avilable via a mobile interface or is compatible with a variety of mobile phones.

Top 20 free iPhone medical apps for health care professionals

Free mobile device resource list from Medical College of Wisconsin

iTunes medical apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch apple_icon.png

Android marketplace medical apps android_icon.png
Click on tabs to toggle between "top free apps" and "top apps"

Patient Information

Health information for Patients
Link for mobile browsers


Pediatric Care Online apple_icon.pngandroid_icon.pngblackberry_icon.jpgpalm_icon.jpgwindows_mobile_icon.png

Mobile use requires registration for an individual account (free) 

Use the Library's Database link.  It is NOT necessary to be an American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) member.  Click on Sign In, then click on Create Account.  In filling out the form, use your IUPUI/ e-mail address.   AAP will email you a AAP login number.

  • Red Book
  • AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care
  • Bright Futures Book
  • Pediatric drug lookup
  • Signs & symptoms search
  • Patient handouts
  • 52 medical textbooks
  • patient education materials
  • imagesdrug databases

Point of Care

Access Medicine
Harrison's Online and other textbooks.
Use link on Library's top navigation bar for desktop/laptop access and create a "My AccessMedicine" account. After creating a free "MyAccessMedicine" account, go to  

There is also an AccessMedicine app which has four resources available: Quick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment, Fitzpatrick's Clinical Dermatology Atlas, Diagnosaurus 2.0, and The Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests. The app is free to download, but requires a free MyAccess personal account to log in. Full details can be found here.

Evidence-based topic summaries of the primary research literature in oultine format.
Mobile use requires emailing Dynamed from your University e-mail address and requesting a serial # in order to obtain mobile access.  Follow the instructions here.

eMedicine (now part of Medscape)
Multi-specialty topic reviews, drug information, procedures, large image collection.
Use eMedicine link on Library's Database page or go to using a desktop/laptop, after registering for an account, download the Medscape Mobile app from

First Consult
Go to ClincalKey to register for free account and obtain ID/PW.  It is only available for iOS at this time, so go to App Store, search for "First Consult", and download app.

Mobile MerckMedicus
(free to licensed health professionals and students) – Go to MerckMedicus and then either sign in or register. Register as a medical student and use your unique IU ID number as the "MEDED Number". Find this on OneStart.

Medical Wizards

Medical Wizards was founded in 2000 by Grant E. Fraser, MD, a practicing ER physician. Use IUSM25 as the coupon code for a 25% discount. Last checked 7/31/14. Platforms vary - depends on product.

Unbound Medicine apple_icon.pngandroid_icon.pngblackberry_icon.jpgpalm_icon.jpgwindows_mobile_icon.png
Unbound Medicine offers IUSM students a 10% discount via the link above. Last verified: 7/31/14.   

Evidence-based topic summaries in narrative format.  Mobile options:

Log into WiFi network (IU or hospital) – Go to

Use Smartphone to go to, click on UpTodate under Popular Resources or go to Enter e-mail ID/PW when prompted.

To use the mobile app, you must first register for a personal account from a campus computer, a laptop connected to IU Secure, or a computer connected to the VPN.  Use your University email address for the registration process. Based on our institutional license, you may only use the mobile app on 2 devices.

Once you have registered and have an account - get the app at

Search the Literature

Indiana University Medical Library PubMed Handheld apple_icon.pngandroid_icon.png
Provides a mobile interface for searching MEDLINE via PubMed, with links to the Medical Library's full text journal holdings.

Library Subscriptions

Browzine apple_icon.pngandroid_icon.png

Browzine allows you to browse, read and monitor some of the library’s best journals, all from your iPad or Android device.  Built to accompany your searching needs, items found in BrowZine can easily be synced up with Zotero, Dropbox or several other services to help keep all of your information together in one place.

  • To download, search for “BrowZine” in the App Store or Google play and get the app for free; when initially launching BrowZine, select Indiana University School of Medicine from the drop down list.
  • For Browzine to work smoothly, you also need to download the VPN app, called Junos Pulse, from the app store for free. Information about installing and setting up the VPN can be found at

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