February Classes


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Here is the complete listing of our classes for February.

Predatory Journals 
February 1st, 1 to 2:00pm, Rm.225

Using MyBibliography for SciENcv
February 2nd, 10 to 11:00am, Rm.226
February 27th, 10 to 11:00am, Rm.227

New Tools For Impact: Altmetrics
February 9th, 10 to 11:00am, Rm.226

Love Your Data (LYD) Locally
February 14th, 12 to 1:00pm, Rm.226

February 16th,10 to 11:30am, Rm.227

Introduction to Medical Library Resources
February 17th, 10 to 11:00am, Rm.225

Using MyBibliography for NIH Public Access Compliance
February 21st, 10: to 11:00am, Rm.226

Please visit our Library Classes page,, for complete information and to register.

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