3-D Anatomy on Ovid


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The IUSM Medical Library has added the anatomy database, Primal Pictures, as one of our Ovid databases. Primal Pictures on Ovid provides a dynamic interactive multimedia overview of human anatomy—literally from head to toe! It features three-dimensional animations that illustrate function, biomechanics, and surgical procedures. Clinical videos and textual descriptions by leading specialists supplement the animations and models. Interactive learning modules covering basic human anatomy focus on one or more areas of the body, from a generalist’s or specialist’s perspective, so that students, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can uncover the information they want quickly and easily. Primal Pictures has created the world’s first complete 3D model of human anatomy.

Images are not mere drawings- they’re derived from real medical scan and dissection data interpreted by a team of staff anatomists, and constructed using advanced imaging by an in-house team of graphics specialists.

To view the database, use the Ovid Databases link on the upper left hand corner of the Library web page, at

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