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Version 7.2 of ANGEL now running Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Version 7.2 is now installed on our server. These are some key features of the new version. For a more complete list of the many new features, see the document “What’s New in ANGEL 7.2” in the Help section in ANGEL. (Click the question mark on the left side of our ANGEL.)

Native Support for Learning Outcomes Management
: Responding to educators’ needs to support the use and measurement of educational standards, ANGEL 7.2 provides native support for Learning Outcomes. New functionality enables administrators to deploy standards across the enterprise and includes tools for faculty to map course content to specific standards. New reporting tools provide visibility into performance against standards or objectives in addition to the traditional reporting of grades for assignments. ANGEL also introduces today new State Standards Packs for all US states that publish standards.

Key Industry Standards Support: ANGEL 7.2 is the first LMS to support three key public standards for openness, interoperability and accessibility. The new elearning content cartridge standard, Common Cartridge, debuts in ANGEL 7.2. The release also includes native support for the IMS ACCLIP accessibility standard and tools that allow users to create personalized profiles around particular disabilities including color combinations and screen reader preferences. The release employs the latest assessment standard, IMS QTI 2.1, which adds significant power to the delivery and management of assessment.

Native Podcasting: Responding to strong interest in the educational community for podcasting, ANGEL 7.2 contains a native feature to support content syndication in all forms. Faculty simply create a “Content Syndication” folder and load their media content. With a single click, students subscribe to the folder and receive the media on their iPods or other MP3 players.

Enterprise Content Management: ANGEL users have enjoyed an embedded Learning Object Repository in prior releases to assist in managing learning content. Version 7.2 contains Question Banking, a significant extension to ANGEL’s content management utilities. Assessments are now authored into a Question Bank that is sharable across the learning enterprise. Questions Banks support broad question reuse with strong support for searching, keywords and metadata. This feature allows more economical storage of assessments and greater forms of sharing and reuse of assessment content across the learning enterprise.

Assessment Item Analysis: ANGEL 7.2 includes sophisticated assessment item analysis. It provides statistical measures of assessment Reliability and Discrimination, key measures of an assessment’s pedagogic value. Assessment item analysis provides faculty tools to better evaluate their students’ progress and identifies assessment items that are not performing, providing the opportunity to modify them to improve effectiveness.

For help with any of the new features, or to report any upgrade problems, email

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