Clanking shelves: Round 2 on April 20


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On Monday, April 20, workers from Better World Books will be back in the library to finish dismantling the shelves from the third floor and clear out the shelving from the second and third floors.  If the noise is too distracting, keep in mind that several of the study carrels from the library have been moved into the Daly Center for use during the renovation (Room 179, Study Lounge). Ear plugs and/or headphones may also come in handy!

As a reminder, all of the journals that were previously located on the 2nd and 3rd floors have been moved to the 1st floor.  As we are in the process of updating our journal records online, if you can’t locate a journal, please go to the main desk—they can help you.

Thanks again for bearing with us!

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