EndNote Beyond the Basics


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June 25 - Wednesday 2:30-4:30
July 15 - Tuesday 9-11
Aug 13 - Wednesday 9-11
Sept 18 - Thursday 2:30-4:30
Oct 23 - Thursday 9-11
Nov 12 - Wednesday 9-11 - Cancelled
Dec 9 - Tuesday 2:30-4:30

This workshop is for those with familiarity with EndNote. After building a practice EndNote library and learning some new features of EndNote X1, the workshop focus is on customizing styles for citations and references, understanding how EndNote changes journal titles between full and abbreviated, cleaning up author names in EndNote libraries, saving a .jpg image into EndNote and inserting it into a MS Word document, creating a standalone bibliography that can be saved in html format for web pages, searching for references in a large EndNote library, and plenty of time for Q&A. Workshops for 2008 are all in MS 016A.

IUSM Libraries instructors are Carole Gall and Doug Bartlow. For questions, suggestions of topics to cover, and to register, please contact Carole Gall, 274-1411 .

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