Exam Master’s USMLE Step 1 Revised!


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We are pleased to announce that we have revised Exam Master’s USMLE Step 1 Board Preparation and Medical Subjects question banks. To assure that you have a better and more focused study opportunity, we have removed over 2000 questions from both of these question banks.

Upon evaluation, these questions were not sufficiently of a high yield nature, nor were they clinically oriented in many cases. This revision makes both of these question banks more pertinent to your studies. Our USMLE Step 1 Board Review question bank now includes over 3200 high quality questions. Our Step 1 Medical Subjects Question bank will now contain a more focused 6,000+ questions organized into the most relevant basic science medical subjects.

The 2000+ questions that were removed from the USMLE Step 1 question banks are available in our Medical Subject Review set of question banks, comprising over 11,400 questions. You will still find these questions useful for general studies or as a basic sciences refresher. Both the USMLE Step 1 and the Medical Subject Review resources are available on your institution’s Exam Master OnLine gateway.

You can reach the IUSM subscription to Exam Master here.

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