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The Indiana University School of Medicine Faculty Bibliography was originally published in print form as an annual publication from 1967-1997. An early digitization project produced an online version covering the years 1986-1997 and was available as The IU School of Medicine Faculty Bibliography.

Since 2003, the existing information from the previous online version has been expanded and now includes an improved appearance and search capacity. Citations previous to 1986 will be added as well.

The goal of the Faculty Publications Database is to maintain a comprehensive listing of publications by the faculty of the Indiana University School of Medicine. Publications include journal articles, journal editors, books, book chapters, online publications and media. Citations are retrieved from Medline as well as many other databases.

Entries are added annually or as data is made available. The database is refreshed on the last Friday of the month.

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Information in the database is being edited to improve the appearance of your search results.
Database contains 15,643 entries as of September 28, 2007.

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