Mobile phone/device use - calling medical students, residents, fellows & faculty


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Calling all IU medical students,residents, fellows & faculty!


With the increasing use of mobile devices in health care settings and

by health care professionals, we would like to invite you to complete

a short questionnaire on your mobile phone and mobile device usage, as

well as provide some scenarios concerning mobile device security and

privacy use.


For these reasons, we are nursing and medical students and medical residents at Indiana University and the University of Pittsburgh and ask them to complete a brief

(approximately 10 minutes) questionnaire.  There are background

questions (e.g. race, age, and gender), questions about mobile phone

usage, and questions about privacy and security for mobile devices.

There are no foreseeable risks and no direct financial benefits for

your assistance.


The questionnaire is entirely anonymous so your responses will not be

identifiable in any way.  All responses are confidential and the paper

questionnaires will be kept under lock and key.  Your participation is

voluntary, and you may quit answering questions on the questionnaire

at any time.


The study is being conducted by Elizabeth Whipple, Elizabeth LaRue,

and Kacy Allgood. Ms. Whipple can be reached at 317.278.6179, and Dr.

LaRue can be reached at 412.624.2416, if you have any questions.


Your consideration of this request is greatly appreciated.


The link to the survey can be found at


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