New Embase enhancements


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Embase recently released enhancements to their database, including adding the new version of Emtree.

What are the improvements and new features?

  • New Export Module - New export options for CSV and plain text, including customizable fields. You can now export the data in the format that fits your needs best.
  • Editing your existing e-mail alert query from the alert page - In addition to editing your email alert details, you may now edit your email alert search query directly on the email alert page.
  • E-mail your search queries from session results - Ability to email a query from session results in HTML and text. You can now export and email the search query and keep track of how your search strategies are built up.
  • New version of Emtree - Emtree has been enhanced by the addition of 870 new terms, including over 150 drugs and 400 organism names, together with a reorganization of the Organisms facet to bring it into line with current insights in organism phylogeny. Click here for more information.

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