Notification of upcoming changes to Pediatric Care Online


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From Pediatric Care Online:

"You are receiving this notification from the AAP to prepare you for the anticipated October 9th transition of Pediatric Care Online (PCO), along with other AAP Point-of-Care Solutions sites ( Red Book Online, Pediatric Patient Education, and AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter), to a newly designed and updated platform.

This new platform brings you several improvements, including responsive design for quick access from any device, enhanced search and browse for quick answers, and an updated look incorporating best practices for web design. We are confident you will find the clean design, enhanced search features, and mobile optimization convenient and useful.

We anticipate a seamless transition for you from the current site to the new platform. Simply go to the site at the same address, log in, and begin using as before. Here are some things you may want to do now to prepare:

  1. Make sure you know the AAP Login and Password that you use to access the website. Both will stay the same, but if you currently have them saved in your browser and do not remember either, now would be a good time to recall them.
  2. Note any links you currently have in your bookmarks, on your website, or elsewhere, to pages on Pediatric Care Online, so you can update them when the new sites launch. (If you do have bookmarks in place, redirects to the new site will also be in place at launch.)
  3. Note that the myPCO in-site and in-app bookmarks will no longer be supported, so if you use those features, please review your frequently used files and bookmark them in your browser or other tools once the new site is live.

AAP Pediatric Care Online app users: Your app will look and function the same on launch day with current Pediatric Care Online content, but we do have exciting updates in the plans. Soon after the new site launch, we will send an eAlert to all users to download a new AAP Pediatric Care Online app from the app stores. If you miss this notification, you will be notified via a message on your existing app the next time you update that app—with instruction about how to get your new app. Please note that we are unable to transition app bookmarks/favorites to the new platform. Don't forget that the new site itself with its responsive design will already be ideal for mobile devices of any size right on launch day. Stay tuned!"

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