Ovid now includes OLDMEDLINE


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Our Ovid databases now include OLDMEDLINE, which currently covers the time period 1951-1965. Ovid OLDMEDLINE will include new records as the older citations become available from the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Detailed information on searching OLDMEDLINE is available by clicking on the ?i? information icon next to the database name in Ovid.

Basic search info:

OLDMEDLINE uses fewer subject headings than the other MEDLINE files, and many of them are no longer in current use, so only keyword searching is available for subject searching.

There are no abstracts (which is generally true of all MEDLINE records up to about 1975), which means keyword searching is more likely to miss relevant items.

There are fewer ways to limit searches, and Human is not used reliably as a check tag, so it is probably best NOT to limit to Human.

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