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Two new modules have been added to the Library’s Primal Pictures on Ovid subscription:

  • 3D Head & Neck with Basic Neuroanatomy
  • Anatomy for Acupuncture

Both modules are accessible from the Primal Pictures module selection page in Ovid. (The Ovid link is on the black bar on the Library home page.)

3D Head & Neck with Basic Neuroanatomy complements and extends the existing Interactive Head and Neck module.

  • Ideal for anatomy teaching and learning, clinical consultation and representation, and patient education
  • Delivers graphic modelling of the head, neck, face, ear, nose, throat, eye, cranial nerves, sinuses, teeth, and brain
  • Features over 90 anatomical views, including the external middle and inner ear, oral cavity, orbit and eyes and larynx; as well as 6 views of the brain: meninges, cerebellum, brain stem, dural folds, cortex, limbic system and blood vessels
  • Includes 20 functional anatomy animations and MRI sections of the head and neck in all 3 planes

Anatomy for Acupuncture was developed under the guidance of two renowned medical practitioners: Dr Peter T. Dorsher, Consultant, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Mayo Clinic, and a member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture; and Dr Mike Cummings, Medical Director of the British Medical Acupuncture Society and Honorary Clinical Specialist at University College London Hospitals.

  • Delivers 3D models of the positions of 88 of the most commonly used acupuncture points
  • Highlights an additional 324 named needle points
  • All models include full musculoskeletal and vascular anatomy to show correct needle passage, and are linked to descriptive text covering all relevant muscles, ligaments, bones, attachments, capsules and vessels
  • Provides anatomical alerts for points where damage would be caused by incorrect direction or depth of needle insertion
  • Presents detailed cross-sectional views showing needle relationships to anatomic structures for the head and neck, trunk, shoulder, upper limbs, and lower limbs
  • Displays the most clinically important myofascial trigger points and discusses their anatomical and clinical correspondence to acupuncture points

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