problems with new Wiley website


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There are problems with the new Wiley website:  Wiley is aware of the problems and working to correct them.  In the meantime, if you are in Wiley’s website, in order to go anywhere you will need to do a right click, then click on “open.” 

For example, if you wanted to get this article:

Journal of cellular and molecular medicine
vol. 13, issue 9a, page 2757

From A-Z click on the Wiley link.  Once at the Wiley website, right click on “2009 – vol. 13” and click on “open.”  Right-click on “vol. 13, issue 9a” and click on “open.”  To open the article, right click on “PDF” and click on “open.” 

There is also a problem in that some of the articles are not yet assigned to their appropriate vol/issue.  If you can’t find the article that you need, there is a search box on the right side and you can search by article title/author/etc.

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