Program developed for PDA/handheld technology


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Throughout current literature and professions it is evident handheld technology is pervasive. Exposing medical students to handhelds and incorporating the technology and resources into the medical education experience is essential. As medical students move from the four-year program into residencies, specialty programs and into practice, they will no doubt be expected to be PDA-aware; and in some cases, able to use handheld technology within clinical/hospital/private practice infrastructures from the moment they walk in the door.

The IUSM Educational Technology, Medical Library and Medical Student Affairs Computer Support groups have come together to create a handheld technology team with a goal to provide opportunities for IUSM students to gain needed handheld technology experience and assist teaching-faculty incorporate handheld technology, resources and projects into the medical education curriculum. The team has developed a new handheld technology program for IUSM: the IUSM PDA Program.

The program is based on a single, recommended handheld platform - Palm Tungsten C - in order to provide comprehensive support and services including:

-Hardware and software discounts for IUSM students, faculty and staff
-Medical Library Reference Librarians

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