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QUOSA Information Manager: Full-article Retrieval, Article Organization, & Sync&Link with EndNote / RefMan / ProCite

Demo 10 am to 11 am, June 15th in the R4 Cancer Research Institute Auditorium
Tame the beast called 'organizing my PDFs'
Automate retrieval of full-article PDFs that you want
Integrate fully with your citation manager
Fully indexed Lab sharing--articles, PowerPoints, Word docs, etc.

Tame the beast called 'organizing my PDFs'

Organizing and managing full-articles that you save is made simple with QUOSA's My Article Organizer. Plus, articles are automatically and fully indexed as they are retrieved, which makes it a snap to re-find any of your saved articles. Also, you can easily integrate your existing article PDF collections---making it easy to stay on top of all of your information.

Automate retrieval of the article PDFs you want

QUOSA speeds up and simplifies downloading your full-article PDFs from PubMed, Ovid, and other searches. It's the only tool that lets you go from searching and viewing PubMed/Ovid results to retrieving the full-article PDFs---you can retrieve them with just one click, even dozens or hundreds of articles all at one time.

Integrate fully with your citation manager

Adding articles retrieved in QUOSA to your EndNote, Reference Manager, or ProCite is fast and easy. Plus, QUOSA automatically inserts a link in the EndNote/RefMan record back to the PDF saved on your computer. We call this 'Sync & Link.' QUOSA can even "retrofit" your existing citation libraries/databases and automatically retrieve the PDFs and add the links to them.

Full-Text Search

-- Conduct full-text searches against all of the full-articles or across locally saved PDFs---hundreds to thousands at a time
-- Use the 'batch query' capability to automate large and/or alert-type searches of full-articles

Full-Article Retrieval and Organization

-- Search PubMed, Ovid, Google Scholar, NCBI, and other sources using their native interfaces
-- Retrieve full text of selected or all articles with one click, using e-journals available at your organization
-- Scan through relevant, automatically highlighted sections within articles
-- Set up alerts on searches
-- Export citations into EndNote, Reference Manager, or ProCite, and have automatic links to saved PDFs
-- Organize and save PDFs into fully indexed folders for fast and easy 'refinding'. Also integrateexisting PDF collections

QUOSA Virtual Library supports lab sharing, annotation, and alerts.

Download your free demo version of QUOSA Information Manager from

Available for PC (2000 & XP) and Mac OS X (10.3x & 10.4x)

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