Selecting Proper EndNote Import Filter for Ovid Medline


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Using Ovid Medline and EndNote? The EndNote program comes with an import filter called Medline In Process (OvidSP). Use this one only if you are searching Ovid MEDLINE(R) In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations. If you are searching Ovid MEDLINE(R), go to the EndNote website ( Select Support and Services from the red bar. Click on More next to Import Filters. Then, click on Download next to OvidSP Medline. Make sure to Save the filter in your EndNote Filters folder. The download requires  knowing where the EndNote program is located on the computer. Most likely the download will go to this path for PCs: Start, Computer, local drive C, Program Files, EndNote X3, Filters. For more information contact the IU School of Medicine Librarians, Carole Gall at 317 274-1411 or Sue London 317 274-2281, or EndNote Specialist Doug Bartlow at 317 274-5077

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