Tech talk tomorrow, Modern Healthcare Topics: Health Information Technology with Brent Orndorff


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Join us on October 1st for a Tech Talk with Brent Orndorff

As the US Healthcare system undergoes sweeping fundamental reform it’s becoming imperative to remain informed on recent changes and emerging trends for the successful practice of medicine.  Many advances in health information technology, informatics, and data analysis have the potential to empower physicians and improve patient care and population health overall. Doctors now have new views available for the health of their patients and new methods to engage their patients inciting an active role in improving personal health.

This lecture will cover several relevant topics that should be of concern for the practice of modern medicine by the 21st century physician, and many of which are now being introduced into widespread medical education in the United States. As technology enables new resources, tools and abilities it is becoming increasingly critical to keep a finger on the pulse of the rapid advances in the domains of health information technology and informatics.

About the speaker: JB “Brent” Orndorff is an adjunct lecturer for IU School of Medicine teaching a new statewide online elective course, “Introduction to Health IT and Informatics,” available for all 3rd and 4thyear students. Orndorff has a Master of Science in Health Informatics as well as a graduate certificate in Health Information Management from Indiana University. In addition, Mr. Orndorff is a Health IT Specialist at the IUSM-Terre Haute campus and a mobile app developer with a new hands-free “smart” EHR app currently in development. JB Orndorff has published peer-reviewed papers found through the PubMed database and is an invited speaker around the US and overseas for professional conferences and seminars.

This event is open to all faculty, students, and staff. 

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