Temporary delays in Embase content


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A message from Embase:

"Elsevier recently updated its data storage and management system, thereby improving Embase content management and production processes to allow input of additional content and enable faster and easier searching for the end-user. During this time Embase experienced an unexpected and temporary delay in throughput (including the capture of MEDLINE records from NLM), resulting in a backlog of approximately 50,000 records. Therefore, any searches performed after September 4, 2014 may have resulted in fewer records than expected.

As soon as the extent of this delay was appreciated, we immediately worked to identify the source of the problem in order to reliably communicate the extent of the issue and develop a concrete plan of action to get Embase, along with Elsevier’s other database products, back on track.  We have determined that production delays are due to the challenges of processing extremely high volumes of data during the transition to our new data storage and management system.  Our Operations team has placed the highest priority on resolving this situation and expects production to be back to normal by December 1, 2014. Please be assured that any new content that has not yet been uploaded to Embase will be delivered by this date, in daily increments rather than in one delivery."


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