Windows Endnote versions 7.0 & 8.0 OVID Medline Date Error Solution


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Recently an EndNote OVID Medline journal article date error was reported. In an EndNote record, the date of the journal article appears in the page field. To solve this problem a new import filter is required from the EndNote Filters Page at

To locate filter ? Click on ?Filtering Options? and Select ?Ovid? in the ?Filter by? scroll down bar, then click on ?Filter Files?.

Locate OVID Medline 8/18/04 - click on FTP. This file must be saved on your ?C? drive or where EndNote is installed. To save: Go to ?Program Files? folder, ?Endnote? folder, and ?Filters? folder and save file.

Once saved the filter should prevent this problem in the future. If you require assistance or more information contact: Doug at 274-5077 or email:

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