BodyViz 3D Medical Visualization Demo - Thursday, Feb. 25


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Thursday, February 25, 2016


Medical Library – Room 227

You're invited

10:00am-11:00 Body Viz demo & Q&A
BodyViz is easy to use, innovative software that's bringing 3D medical visualization to the forefront of technology. BodyViz creates incredible 3D MRI, CT scan visualizations, all quickly and easily created from MRI or CT scan data.

Curt Carlson, BodyViz President & CEO, and John Williams, Senior Consultant will be here to demo BodyViz, answer questions, let individuals take BodyViz for brief hands-on spin (they'll stay as long as you have questions – we have the room reserved until Noon).  Learn more at:

If there is interest from IUSM faculty, staff, students - the Medical Library is considering a subscription.

11:00 –Noon
You will have the option to continue exploring BodyViz, or stop by at an “information station” for an informal chat with one of our Librarians on the following topics:
(Information Stations will be in the same room 227)

Library Resources
• MS1 & MS2
• Clerkships
• Resources for Anatomy
• Test Prep

Anatomy Mobile Apps

Medical Library 3D Printing Service

We'd appreciate an RSVP to if you plan to attend, but please feel free to drop by even if you do not RSVP.

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