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 The Medical Library is the primary information resource for the Indiana University School of Medicine. IUSM faculty may wish to contact their Medical Library Faculty Liaison about developing a class tailored to a particular specialty or specific curriculum, or assisting with their research requirements.



Endnote Class Information & Schedule


OVID MEDLINE, Pubmed, Scopus, Embase, and other tailored classes & consulting can be scheduled with your medical librarian.



Classroom Scheduling

Contact Margaret Holloway-Wells or 317.274.1404 for the following rooms:

  • MS 016a (18 computers plus 1 instructor station) 
  • IB 201 (small conference room)
  • IB 215a,b,c,d, 217, 219, 221 & 223
  • IB 301/302 (small conference rooms)
  • IB 303 (small conference room)

Use if you are representing a student interest group or are outside the School of Medicine to request a room. is no longer being used as the primary tool for scheduling IU School of Medicine general inventory schedulable spaces. is still an avenue to report specific issues or ask questions about specific rooms.

The Event Management Systems (EMS) Scheduling Software can be used to schedule rooms.  Policies, instructions and login information is available here.   If you plan to schedule rooms, it is recommended that you set up an account ahead of time, since accounts take some time to be approved.

IB 224/225 (Exam center South - 80 computers or 2x40 computers)
IB 226/227 (Exam center North - 80 computers or 2x40 computers)
 IB 317 (Team Based Learning lab)

Don Burgess 317.278.0066

Library Floorplans with Classrooms

Last updated July 12, 2010kk

975 W. Walnut Street, IB 100 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Ph: (317) 274-7182 | Fax: (317) 278-4506