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Note on Tests & Instruments: The Medical Library does not have a collection of tests. Many of the following sources are indexes to tests and reviews of tests. Here are some additional guidelines for locating tests.

  • Many tests are owned by, and must be purchased directly from, from the author or publisher.
  • Using the resources below can help identify the publisher and/or author. The library does not purchase individual tests.
    Tests may also appear online, with or without a fee, or appear in print or electronic books or journals.

Print Resources at the Ruth Lilly Medical Library:  General | Behavioral | Health Status or Quality of Life | Neurology | Psychiatric | Psychological, Educational, Intelligence, Personality

Electronic Resources at the Ruth Lilly Medical Library  via Online Resources A-Z

  • Mental Mesurements Yearbook with Tests in Print
  • HAPI (Health and Psychosocial Instruments) on Ovid
    • Use the term "instrument appears" to see the actual test. Limits include primary or secondary sources
  • CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature) on Ovid
    • Subject headings include Research Instruments, Psychological Tests, Personality Assessment and Health Status.
  • Medline on Ovid
    • Subject headings include Psychological Tests, Personality Assessment, Psychiatric Rating Scales, Mental Status Scales and Health Status.
  • PsycINFO on Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA)
    • See "measurement" in the Thesaurus Search to see narrower terms.         

Internet Resources 

Print Sources at the Ruth Lilly Medical Library

Mental Measurements Yearbook, 2005
Tests in Print II, III, IV, V, VI .
REF BF 176 T3453
Jackson, Chris. Designing and Analysing Questionnaires & Surveys: a Manual For Health Professionals & Administrators, 2000.
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MacCluskie, Kathryn. Using Test Data in Clinical Practice: a Handbook for Mental Health Professionals, 2002.
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Gehring, Thomas. The Family System Test FAST: Theory and Application, 2001.
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Ramsey, Michael. Essentials of Behavioral Assessment, 2002.
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Shapiro, Edward. Conducting School-Based Assessments of Child & Adolescent Behavior, 2000.
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Singer, Lynn. Biobehavioral Assessment of the Infant, 2001
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Vingerhoets, Ad. Assessment in Behavioral Medicine, 2001
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White, Craig. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Chronic Medical Problems: A Guide to Assessment & Treatment in Practice, 2001.
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Health Status or Quality of Life 

Bowling, Ann. Measuring Disease: a Review of Disease-Specific Quality of Life Measurement, 2001.
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Davis, Clive. Handbook of Sexually-Related Measure, 1998.
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Fayers, Peter. Quality of Life: Assessment, Analysis & Interpretation, 2000
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Hogstel, Mildred. Practical Guide to Health Assessment Through the Life Span, 2001.
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McDowell, Ian. Measuring Health: a Guide to Rating Scales & Questionnaires, 2006.
Reserve WA 900.1 M138m 2006
Watson, Jean. Assessing & Measuring Caring in Nursing & Health Science, 2002.
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Masur, Harold. Scales and Scores in Neurology: Quantification of Neurological Deficits in Research and Practice, 2004.
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Ackerman, Marc. Essentials of Forensic Psychological Assessment, 1999.
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American Psychiatric Association. Handbook of Psychiatric Measures, 2000.
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Calev, Avraham. Assessment of Neuropsychological Functions in Psychiatric Disorders, 1999.
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Fauman, Michael. Study Guide to DSM-IV-TR, 2002.
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Kennedy, James. Mastering the Kennedy Axis V: A New Psychiatric Assessment of Patient Functioning, 2003.
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Othmer, Ekkehard. The Clinical Interview Using DSMr-IV-TR, 2 vol., 2002.
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Sajatovic, Martha. Rating Scales in Mental Health, 2003.
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Allen, Judy. Health Care Communication Using Personality Type: Patients are Different!, 2002.

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Andrews, Jac. Handbook of Psychoeducational Assessment: Ability, Achievement, & Behavior in Children, 2001.
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Antony, Martin. Handbook of Assessment & Treatment Planning for Psychological Disorders, 2002.
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Carter, Philip J. The Ultimate IQ Test Book, 2007
No print available, electronic only.
Corcoran, Kevin. Measures for Clinical Practice: A Sourcebook, 2000.
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Cuellar, Israel. Handbook of Multicultural Mental Health: Assessment & Treatment of Diverse Populations, 2000.
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Dorfman, William. Understanding Psychological Assessment, 2001.
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Ekstrom, Ruth. Assessing Indivuals with Disabilities in Educational, Employment, & Counseling Settings, 2002.
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Fahrenberg, J. Progress in Ambulatory Assessment: Computer-Assisted Psychological & Pyschophysiological Methods in Monitoring & Field Studies, 2001.
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Feindler, Eva. Assessment of Family Violence: A Handbook for Researchers & Practitioners, 2003.
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Flanagan, Dawn. Essentials of Cross-Battery Assessment, 2001.
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Gehring, Thomas. The Family System Test FAST: Theory & Application, 2001
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Groth-Marnat, Gary. Handbook of Psychological Assessment, 2003
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Groth-Marnat, Gary. Neuropsychological Assessment in Clinical Practice: A Guide to Test Interpretation & Integration, 2000.
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Hogan, Thomas. Psychological Testing: A Practical Introduction, 2003.
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Lidz, Carol. Early Childhood Assessment, 2003. 
No print available, electronic only.
Lowenthal, Kate. An Introduction to Psychological Tests & Scales, 2001.
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Maddox, Taddy. Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, & Business, 2007.
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Mitrushina, Maura. Handbook of Normative Data for Neuropsychological Assessment, 2005.
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Pope, Kenneth. The MMPI, MMPI-2 & MMPI-A in court: A Practical Guide for Expert Witnesses & Attorneys, 2000.
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Touliatos, Barry. Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques, 3 vol., 2001.
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