Q: May I request my required class textbooks and readings through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

A: It is the student’s responsibility to purchase required textbooks and materials.  ILL reserves the right to refuse to place requests to another library for these materials

Q: May I request books available on reserve through ILL?

A: ILL will cancel requests for items on reserve unless requested reserve material is missing or long overdue.

Q: How do I expedite my request?
    1. Use the most complete citation possible. 
    2. For Journal Articles, include ISSN number and if possible, PubMed (PMID) or Medline UI numbers
    3. For books – ISBN for desired edition/format.
      Q: What does the Request Sent status in ILLiad mean?

      A: This status often confuses users.  But it means your request has been sent to another library. 

      Q: May I request books from another IU Library through ILLiad?
        1. It is faster and for you to log into IUCat ( and place a request delivery.  Users receive longer checkout periods using Request Delivery versus requesting through Interlibrary Loan.
        2. After logging into your account, search for the book you want and on the right click on the Request Delivery Link.  Select the library for pick-up and click ok.  The request has been made – no need to use ILLiad.
          Q. May I request a journal volume or issue as a loan or is it better to request copies of each article in a journal volume?

          A:  Libraries typically do not lend journal volumes or issues unless they are on microfilm.  Copyright law prevents us from ordering copies of an entire volume or issue.  If you absoluately need an entire volume or issue, not just a few selected articles, please contact us.  We may be able to order a reprint through Serials and Acquisitions.

          Q: How do I get a dissertation, thesis or technical report?

          A: If you are unable to locate a free full-text dissertation or thesis in Proquest's Dissertations and Theses database (accessible from the medical library's A-Z Journals page), please submit an interlibrary loan request.

          We will first attempt to obtain dissertations and theses by requesting from another library. If we are unable to obtain a loan of a dissertation or thesis, we will inform you. At that time, you will have the option of ordering a copy of the dissertation from ProQuest UMI's Dissertation Express at your expense.

          Q. I just received an article from interlibrary loan that is published in a language other than English. Would you order the English version for me?

          A:  We are only able to provide the original published article.  Sometimes foreign language articles include an English summary, but we usually don't know if that exists until we recieve the article.  PubMed citations will tell you if an article is published in a foreign language.  If you see brackets around a PubMed citation article.  It is published in a foreign language.  Please add notes to your requests about language preferences as needed.

          Our interlibrary loan webpage has a translation resources section that may help you find a translating service.  We are not recommending or endorsing any particular organization or company.  The links are provided as a courtesy.   Language Translational Servicces

          Q: I want to order an E-book through interlibrary loan. How do I get it?

          A:  At this time, we are unable to provide e-books through interlibrary loan.  Please contact us and we will investigate if the library's acquisitions department is able to purchase access.

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