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HIV/AIDS at 30: A Public Opinion Perspective

Slide: Most Blacks and Latinos Looking for More Information on HIV/AIDS

Compared to whites, blacks and Latinos would like to have more information on numerous HIV related topics. Seven in ten blacks say they want information on how to stop HIV from spreading and just as many want more information on how to talk to children about HIV. Six in ten want to know more about who should get an HIV test and where they might go to get one. For each topic, Latinos tend to express just as much interest as blacks. In sharp contrast, significantly fewer whites are interested in having more information.

These findings are part of the results from the Foundation's eighth national survey on HIV/AIDS, which are detailed in the report, HIV/AIDS at 30: A Public Opinion Perspective. In addition to examining broad national trends in public opinion over the past few decades, the report also takes a closer look at the views and experiences of black Americans and young adults. To learn more about the findings from this national survey, please read HIV/AIDS at 30: A Public Opinion Perspective.

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