Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Indiana Physicians Database


The research for this database was partially funded by an Indiana Heritage Research Grant from the Indiana Humanities Council.  Many individuals connected with the Ruth Lilly Medical Library and persons of historical societies in Indiana have helped in the production of this database.

Please send us your additions with sources of information and corrections.  We will be editing this database primarily based on your comments.

The creations of this database has been ongoing for over a decade.  The database currently has over 15,000 records.

On Information and Spellings:

You may find other spellings of the names of the individuals listed in our databases.  We have chosen to enter the name as the individual himself spelled it or as a majority of the records found spelling it.

We have done our best to present the spelling, birth place, date of birth, place of death and date of death accurately.  There may be errors.  The schools from which physicians graduated are in many cases self-reported.  They have often been verified in our sources, most should be accurate.

Therefore, we encourage you to do your own research.  As always, we welcome comments, additions and questions.

Questions?  Database additions, need more information?


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